What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a growing sport that utilizes replica firearms that shoot 6mm round plastic pellets commonly referred to  as “BBs.”

Most airsoft guns are exact copies of real guns. Manufacturers make many different styles of airsoft guns, often using the actual molds from their real steal counterparts. Example: AK47's, M4's, SCAR, MP5's, etc...

Each gun is powered by an electric moter, spring or gas system that propels the bb's from the barrel to the target. Although it stings a little when hit by a bb, they cannot cause any major damage as long as proper eye protection and clothing is worn. If hit on bare skin, a bb will leave a small welt, but should not break the skin. With proper clothing you will feel it just enough to know when you are hit.

Airsoft is all about realism, so you may see a few participants dressed up in full military loudouts when you come to play, however this is not required and most new-comers wear hoodie's and baggy clothing.

The game play consists of many different types similiar to Paintball. See here

Airsoft is a game of fun. Stop by and play a game or two and see what all the hype is about.