General Rules

*All airsoft guns must be concealed in a gun case, bag or original box until inside Buffalo Battleground.

*Waivers must be signed by all players. Players under 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the waiver. Click here for waiver

  1. Airsoft is a game of honor. Call your own hits!
  2. Players caught cheating will be ejected from the field. If caught a second time, you will be asked to leave for the night with no refund.
  3. No verbal abuse, profanity, name-calling, or slurs against someone's race, religion, family or friends will be tolerated.
  4. Swearing. While we understand that an occasional swear word will be uttered, if any person uses excessive profanity in general or directs profanity toward another player, that person will be ejected.
  5. Players attempting to steal, vandalize, menace, cause bodily harm, or otherwise break the law will be turned in to the police.
  6. No illegal drugs or alcohol are permitted.
  7. Game control staff or referee decisions made on the field are final. Arguing with field marshals is grounds for immediate ejection. 
  8. Aggressive, malicious or unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for ejection without refund.
  9. Treat your Airsoft gun as if it were a real loaded firearm. Always keep it pointed down. Always have the safety on when not playing. Never point your weapon at another individual unless you are on the playing field and playing a game.
  10. Barrel socks are required in the staging area for all exposed airsoft weapons. Anyone caught dry firing or pointing airsoft weapons at another individual in the staging/loadout area will be ejected for the session.


  • Semi auto only
    • Because our field is designed to be a CQB(Close Quarter Battle) facility, players may only use their guns on semi auto.
  • Orange Tips
    • Orange tips are required to play at Buffalo Battleground. If your Airsoft weapon do not have an orange tip, we will provide you with orange tape so that you are in compliance with our rules.  If you use your own orange tape, make sure that the size of the tape is no smaller than the size of standard electical tape.
  • Barrel Socks
    • Barrel socks are required to play at our facility. They are re-enforced fabric covers that go over the barrel of an airsoft weapon to prevent accidental discharge. Acceptable barrel covers must be specifically made for airsoft weapons and have a bungee cord attached. Barrel socks are a one time purchase and can be bought at our facility for $5.
  • Fingers off triggers 
    • Keep your finger off the trigger of your Airsoft weapon unless you are shooting at something.
  • Muzzle velocity
    • Each players guns will be chronographed at check-in using .25 bb's. Allowable guns must shoot less than 351 fps. Any gun shooting over these standards must be de-tuned to meet this requirement before being allowed for use in the playing field. 
  • Clothing (Clothing should be loose or baggy)
    • Closed footwear must be worn. NO sandals. Sneakers or boots are fine.
    • Long sleeve shirt or hooded sweatshirt is recomended.
    • Long pants required. Shorts may not be worn.
    • Hard-shell kneepads are recomended but not required.
    • Gloves are recomended but not required.
    • Bright red “kill rag” Is recomended but not necessary.
  • Eyewear
    • Full face protection is mandatory for all players. Eyes, nose and mouth must be covered at all times in the playing area. Approved eye/face protection must be worn at all times on the playing field. Removal of your eye protection on the field is grounds for immediate ejection.
    •  Acceptable forms are as follows:
      • Full paintball-style masks are allowed.
      • Goggles with a separate plastic or mesh lower mask are allowed.
      • Goggles or masks must be FULL FOAM SEAL completely around the eyes and secured around your head with an elastic band.
    • Non acceptable forms.
      • T-shirts, scarfs, bandanas or any other thin material are NOT allowed.
      • Neoprene masks are NOT permitted.
      • Balaclava masks are NOT permitted.
      • Shooting glasses or “operator-type” sun-glass styles are NOT permitted even if ballistically rated.
      • Mesh goggles are NOT permitted.
  • BB's

    • Biodegradable BB's, while strongly encouraged, are not mandatory. Any weight of BB may be employed.
    • NO glass or metal bb's.
    • Players who are using field rental guns from us are required to buy and use quality BB's sold at the field by staff. You may NOT use your own BB’s in our guns.

Start and End of Play

  1. Start and end of play will be indicated only by the game officials.
    Once end of play has been sounded, all players must immediately remove any
    magazines from their guns, point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction
    clear the weapon and proceed to safe area. 
  2. At NO time is a weapon even to be dry-fired inside the staging area or getting ready room. Barrels shall be pointed at the ground at all times. Any weapon safety violations in the staging area are grounds for immediate dismissal.

How to Shoot

  • Semi Auto only
  • Double-Tap - When shooting an oppenent always be curteous. Squeeze your triggar finger a max of two times in succession. If your oppoenent doesn't call their hit, then repeat.  If you are overshooting, you will be warned once, the second time you will be eliminated from the game and the third time you will be asked to leave. Airsoft bb's hurt, there is no reason to light another player up more than twice in succsession. 
  • Always aim for the largest body mass, chest and back. If another body part is the only thing exposed, you may aim for it. Try to avoid aiming for the head as much as possible.


  • Body hits:
    • Any hit, anywhere on your entire person, including any and all gear, counts that you are out. Because of the close quarters, unless stated otherwise, Ricochets DO NOT count. Friendly fire counts. BB’s falling from the sky count. Shooting yourself counts. 
  • Confirm elimination.
    • When you get hit, yell "Hit!" as loud as possible, raise your hand or weapon in the air quickly, and return to the dead zone or respawn area with your hand or gun still in the air. You should repeat the "hit" call a few times to let other players know that you are out.
  • Weapon hits
    • If any part of your primary weapon is hit, it is considered destroyed. If that is your only weapon, you are considered out. 
    • If you have a secondary weapon, call out "Weapon hit!" or “Weapon down!” and you may sling or discard your primary, switch to your secondary and continue play. Your primary weapon is not usable until you respawn.
  • Avoid Inflicting Unnecessary Pain! 
    • Point-blank shooting is discouraged. Players who encounter opponents at point-blank range (less than 10 feet away) you must yell "Surrender". Your opponent will have the option to either surrender or run. If they surrender they are considered out and you will NOT shoot them, if they run, you have may shoot them.
    • If a player says “Surrender!” to you, you CANNOT shoot them. Your only option is to surrender or run.  If you shoot them you will be considered out and they will remain in the game. 
    • Your gun must be functioning and capable of firing BB’s when using "Surrender".
    • You may only surrender two individuals at one time. It is not realistic that one person could surrender a group of more than 2 people without being shot themselves. 
  • Avoid Arguments
    •  If two players encounter each other in their forward arcs within 10', and recognize that neither player was at a disadvantage yet engaging that close would be a safety issue, either player may call out "Parley!" Both players will walk 15' in the opposite direction of each other and resume play.
  • Knife Kills 
    • Our insurance policy limits any kind of physical contact between players. "No physical contact such as holding, grappling, simulated knife or bayonet contact is allowed." Thus, there will be no knife kills of any sort. 
  • Dead men don't talk!
    • When you are dead, you may not communicate under any circumstances with any other players that are in play. You may not use the radio, hand gestures, body language or any other form of communication with live players. To do so constitutes cheating.
  • Respawning 
    • You must always WALK to your base or respawn point when you are dead. You may run back into the battle once you have respawned and are again alive. 
  • No blind firing! 
    • You must always look down the sights of your weapon as you shoot. Players may not shoot through small slots or holes (i.e. gaps between stacked barrels, slats or holes in pallets, etc.) unless the opening is roughly head-sized (i.e. about the size of a sheet of paper)

Misc Weapons

  • Grenade launchers should be angled upwards and fired as an indirect weapon from at least 50’. However it is important to watch out for the lights.
  • Grenades
    • Hand grenades must be commercially available non-pyrotechnic types (i.e. Airsoft Innovations Tornado; Hakkotsu Thunder B; Thumper TG6; Mad Bull Powder Shot or GSG-01) that emit a loud sound, throw BB's/pea's or both. All players, friend or foe, struck by a grenade round are considered dead.
    • Hand grenades must always be tossed underhand or rolled. 
    • Pyrotechnic grenades such as TLSFx pea, powder, thunderflash, or thermobaric are banned from use.
    • All hand grenades have a 15' kill radius from the point of detonation. All players, friend or foe, within 15' are considered dead. Unless protected by 2 walls.
    • Any grenade that fails to detonate or emit a clearly audible "bang" is considered a "dud" and will not count as an effective kill.
  • Claymores
    • Must be commercially available types. No home-made claymores are permitted.
    • Claymores are considered directional direct-fire weapons. Your target must actually be hit by the BB's to be considered dead. There is no "area effect" blast as with hand grenades.
    • Claymores must be remote detonated or laser tripwired only, no physical tripwires.
    • Electronic claymores (i.e. motion sensing with audible alarm) will have a 10' kill radius and function just as if a hand grenade went off.
    • Land mine are not permitted
  • Homeade or Non-Airsoft weapons are not permitted. This includes, swords, axes, knives. You may wear them, but they will not be permitted in play.


  • Transport
    • NO exposed weapons or worn tactical gear is allowed when outside our facility. This includes the following.
      • All Airsoft weapons and tactical gear should be transported in the trunk of your vehicle when arriving or departing Buffalo Battleground.
      • Airsoft weapons must be in a case, bag or original box when arriving or leaving Buffalo Battleground. Wrapping Airsoft weapons up in blankets or other cloths is NOT acceptable. NO part of an Airsoft weapon should be showing. If your weapon is not in an acceptable form when arriving, you will not be allowed to play that day. 
      • Tactical gear is only allowed inside the building and NOT permitted outside the facility. This includes vests, plate carriers, gun holsters, helmets, etc... BDU's or camolfauge are permitted in and outside the building.
  • Trash
    • All players are responsible for properly disposing of any and all trash they generate. There are numerous garbage cans in the staging area and gear room.
  • Lost & Found
    • Please inform staff at the end of the day of what exactly was lost including a detailed description, and provide full contact info in the event it is found.
    • Found items will be retained for a period of 30 days, during which the owner may collect it. After 30 days, any found items become the property of the field to be used or disposed of as we see fit.
    • It is strongly recommended that players mark or inscribe radios, magazines, pistols, and other small and easily lost items with their name or other form of identification, such as your backtag number.

NOT Allowed Items

  • Knives or real firearms are not permitted on the premises.
  • Bringing in your own food and drinks is NOT permitted. All food and drinks must be purchased from Buffalo Battleground. The only acceptable outside drinks is water but it must be kept in a hydration pack.

First Aid And Medical

  • Fire extinguishers are located in the staging area and in the playing area.) First aid supplies are located in the staging area.
  • Players who have allergies or other special medical needs should inform staff upon initial registration and remind staff of those issues upon every subsequent visit. 
  • If at any time there is a fire or medical emergency on the field, all play is to stop immediately.

For first timers, we require long sleeved clothing and full length pants. Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty or scuffing up. Wear strong shoes - boots or running shoes are great as this is an active game.