The Next Level Of Laser Tag

Buffalo Battleground offers a revolutionary laser tag experience by immursing players in a realistic video game like setting. Each game consists of players being deployed in our 22,000 sq ft war torn arena to complete mission based objectives. We offer the most realistic urban warfare environment that is safe, realistic and tons of fun for everyone.  


Traditional vs Ours

> Traditional Laser Tag

Traditional laser tag consists of space age phazers, neon bunkers and black lights. The objective is to simply tag each other and get points on the other teams base. Players generally only play one game mode over and over. 


> Mission Based Laser Tag

Mission based laser tag mimics modern video games such as Call Of Duty & Battlefield. Players make their way through our 22,000 sq ft indoor war torn arena using close quarter battle taggers and completing fun mission objectives. 

Unique game modes 

Modern video game brought to life.  (Team domination, king of the hill, capture the cube, team battle, free for all and more...)


Tactically inspired Equipment that rumbles

All players receive a tactical designed battle rifle with a scope, head sensor and a team color. Each rifle weighs less than 4lbs and comes with a tactical sling making it light enough for players of all ages. The battle rifle also features multiple weapon types (shotguns, snipers, heavy machine guns and more). Players will experience the realistic rumble in the grip when hit or firing.


Fun for all ages

Our equipment is durable and light enough for players of almost all ages. Players must be at least 42" tall to play.

Listen to what people are saying!

"Awesome and fun!"
Justine D. · July 10, 2017 · Verified
"Great Experience and Lots of Fun!!"
Elvis N. · July 8, 2017 · Verified
"My husband and son cannot wait to go back".
Dawn C. · June 13, 2017 · Verified
"Staff very nice, kids had a blast."
Judy L. · June 5, 2017 · Verified

"The kids said this place was WAY better than the other local place..."
Barbara P. · May 23, 2017 · Verified

"Just a wonderful experience, lots of fun and exercise!!!!!"
Erics · May 16, 2017 · Verified

"I took my son and his 3 friends. They had a blast ! Even though it was just the 4 of them battling, they had fun ! The facility is neat ! There is a bar area. There are a few tables to hang out and watch the battle from."
Colleen S. · April 17, 2017 · Verified

Laser Tag Hours

Sunday Sessions:
10am - 11am
11am - 12pm
12pm - 1pm 

Monday: Closed(available for parties)
Tuesday Sessions:
12pm - 1pm
1pm - 2pm
2pm - 3pm
3pm -4 pm
5pm - 6pm
6pm - 7pm
7pm - 8pm
Wednesday Sessions:
12pm - 1pm
1pm - 2pm
2pm - 3pm
3pm - 4pm
4pm - 5pm

Thursday Sessions:
12pm - 1pm
1pm - 2pm
2pm - 3pm
3pm - 4pm
4pm - 5pm
5pm - 6pm
6pm - 7pm
7pm - 8pm
8pm - 9pm
9pm - 10pm

Friday Sessions:

10am - 11am(Parties Only)
11am - 12pm(Parties Only)
12pm - 1pm


Players must be 42" or taller for laser tag.

Laser Tag Pricing

 $20 per session

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