Arena Playing Hours

Closed (Available for parties)

12pm - 8pm(Laser Tag)

12pm- 6pm(Laser Tag)
6pm - 10pm(Airsoft)

12pm - 10pm(Laser Tag)

12pm - 6pm(Laser Tag)
6pm - 10pm(Airsoft)

10am -12pm (Parties only)
12pm - 2pm(Laser Tag)
2pm - 6pm(Airsoft)
6pm - 10pm(Airsoft)

10am - 12pm(Parties Only)
12pm - 1pm(Laser Tag)
1pm - 5pm(Airsoft)
5pm - 9pm(Airsoft)

Store Shopping hours

Monday: 11am - 7pm (Holiday hours)
Tuesday: 11am - 7pm
Wednesday:11am - 10pm
Thursday: 11am-10pm

Friday: 11am - 10pm
Saturday: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Player Fees

Laser Tag

(Players must be 42" or taller)
1 Session(4-5 missions) $20
2 Sessions(8-10 missions) $25


(Ages 10 & up)
4 Hours - $25 Plus rental fee
All Day Pass - $40 Plus rental fee

Airsoft Protective Gear & Accessories

  • Facemask - $5
  • BB's - $4 per 400bb's, $12 per 2700bb in bottle(we only use premium bb's)
  • Airsoft Gun Rental Packages (All rental guns must use our ammo)
  • Premium M4 AEG - $20, includes 400 bb's, facemask & barrel sock.

*Although our airsoft sessions are four hours in length, this does not guarantee that you will play every singe game during that perdiod. Depending on the amount of people who show up, we will rotate multiple groups and have you playing as many games as possible in the allotted times. The laser tag hour includes 10-15 minutes of briefing.

ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE BARREL SOCKS. If you do not own one, we sell them for $5 in the store.