Game Play

Buffalo Battleground offers many different types of games. 

All games can be modified with or without respawns.

Team Death Match 
Duration: 10 Minutes 
Number of players on each team: 4+

Team deathmatch, also known as TDM, is a basic game type that consists of two teams competing to get the most hits on their opponents. Teams begin on opposite ends of the playing field and work together toward the goal of eliminating members of the other team before their own players are hit.

Capture The Flag
Duration: 10 Minutes
Number of players on each team: 2+

In this game type there are two teams each team has a flag, (or other object in absence of flags) the other team has to capture the flag and bring it back to their flag, the first team to reach the score limit wins.

In this game a stuffed monkey is placed in the middle of the field. Each team starts on opposite sides. Each team tries to get the monkey and bring it back to their base. Once they have brought the stuffed monkey back to their base, they must push forward and touch it against the opposing teams wall. If the person carrying the monkey is shot on the way, they must drop the monky in place and restart the process all over.

Attack And Defend
Duration: 10 Minutes
Number of players on each team: 10+

In this game type, one team is the attacker and the other is the defender who must defend their home base for the duration of the game. The defenders will have less players. If the defending team has any players left at the end of the game, the defenders win. If the attackeer defeat all of the defending players, the attackers win.

Duration: 10 Minutes
Number of players on each team: 2-4 bodyguards, 10-15 opponents

In the "president' game type there is one player who is the "president" the "president" gets half the players to protect him and be his bodyguards, the rest of the players get to be assassins who try to kill the" president" if the president gets shot the game is over and the assassins win, if the president successfully gets to a designated location without getting shot or the assassins are eliminated than the "president's" team wins.

Duration: 10+ Minutes
Number of players on each team: 5+

In this game type there is one player who is the alien, the rest of the players are the humans opposing the alien. The alien's goal is to turn all the humans into aliens, if a human gets shot once by the alien then they become an alien. The game ends when all the humans are turned into aliens or all the aliens are dead, however the only way to kill an alien is with a shot to a designated body part such as the head, arm, leg, or chest, if the alien gets shot anywhere other than the designated body part he does not die, the humans however die from being shot once anywhere.

Search & Destroy
Duration: 10 minutes
Number of players on each team: 5+

This game type in which one team has two objectives to defend and the other team has a bomb with a timer. The team with the bomb must plant the timer on one of the objectives, the other team must then defuse the bomb by grabbing the timer and taking it at least 20-30 feet away from the objective. The game is over when either the bomb goes off on the objective, one team is eliminated or when the bomb is defused by the other team.

Hostage Rescue
Duration: 20 minutes
Number of players on each team: 10+

In this game type there are two equal teams, both teams start out on different sides, half of one team is taken to the other teams base with no guns and are spread out and hidden they will be the hostages. When the hostages are hidden the game begins, the other teams objective is to find and rescue their teamates once they find them they must reach a designated spot to win, half of all hostages must survive and reach the designated area in order for their team to win, the other team wins if they kill all the hostages, or if the rescuers die before they rescue any hostages. No killing hostages before any rescuers are close by.